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Headphones have been around for quite a long time. However, the recent past has seen these simple electronic appliances become pretty essential gadgets for most users. The headphones market has grown proportionately over the years making it somewhat challenging to select the right one for you. You are probably going to encounter countless brands of headphones which would definitely get you puzzled up in your selection. Intensive research is important before purchasing a pair of headphones if you want to get the best. Thankfully, there’s a whole bunch of experts online who can help you make the right choice of headphones. Nevertheless, be sure to confirm the trustworthiness of whatever source you are obtaining information from. You do not want to be persuaded into buying a substandard brand by a misleading marketing campaign.

Superlux HD681

 If you are an audiophile and enjoy your good sound, you must keep on reading through our Superlux HD681 review. Of course, we are talking about a pair of headphones you must have heard about.

Philips SHL3300

If you are looking at headphones for your next purchase, take a look at our Philips SHL3300 review – these headphones are the ones that must be on your shortlist and we have the answer why!

Sony MDR V150

Listening to music relaxes us and takes us into a different and smoother world. However, in order to have the great experience headphones can offer, you must make smart purchases. This is why we wrote a thorough Sony MDR V150 review to help you out.

AKG K612 Pro

akg k612 review
If you are looking for your next great headphone purchase, this is the pair of headphones you must consider. Before the K16 was released, AKG brought k712 to us to tease us. Of course, this is why after we had an encounter with the K612 we never wanted to leave them aside.

BeyerDynamic DT 770 pro

Those who want nothing but the best acoustic definition must have the DT 770 pro on the top of their shortlist. There are a lot of details which are caught with these headphones. This is why they can easily be used for purposes like monitoring too. Even the ultra-low bass sounds get perfect definition!

Shure SRH840

Buying a new pair of headphones might seem like a simple choice, but in truth, it isn’t as simple as it seems. Of course, you can go out there and get the first headphones you stumble upon, but that won’t make the most out of the experience.

M6 Pro

If you are in the market for a stage monitor, or in-ear monitor that won’t break the bank and will compete with the big names, look no further! Get these and you WILL NOT be disappointed.



If you are looking to buy a pair of in-ear headphones for the first time or simply to alternate your existing ones, the AKG Y10s are a great choice. They offer a great quality of sound and the design does not disappoint. You will definitely love the comfort that comes with the snug-fitting foam ear sleeves. The price is also quite pocket-friendly which means that you get a great value for your money. Although the AKG Y10s do not compare favorably with its peers in terms of durability, it is definitely worth a try given its great design and high quality of sound.


People who travel a lot require a travel companion that is convenient and durable. The AKG Y23U headphones are great to have for a long distance journey given their durability reputation. Also, since they come from a highly reputable brand that is known for high-quality sound, you know that you are getting the best there is on the market. Despite being relatively expensive, Y23U will deliver great services that will leave you wishing you had known about them earlier. Therefore, make sure you get yourself a pair and give yourself the chance to enjoy a great quality of sound.

Sennheiser HD 205

The Sennheiser HD 205 headphones are a great bargain and a great choice for a professional music DJ. They offer a great deal of comfort and convenience. However, the grip they have on your head while using them can be a turnoff although the foam pads should help to lower the intensity. Generally, the headphones are good and they will give you value for your money, so if you’re considering them, go ahead and get them!

AKG M220

best turntables

akg m220
Sound in the AKG M220 is the main selling point in these headphones. They come with amazing features that help to enhance your listening experience. If you’re a DJ or just a regular user who fancies great sound, then you already know what to do. By choosing the AKG M220, you not only get great sound but also access to a range of possibilities to explore sound the way you like it. The AKG M220 gives you the freedom to adjust, render and sample music so long as the music player you are using has an equalizer.

The different uses of headphones

Headphones come in multiple variations. They are great alternatives to loudspeakers since they let you discreetly listen to your favorite music, podcasts, and movies. Unlike the past, headphones have taken up essential part of our lifestyles. For most of the people, they are not just used for music. Many people consider headphones to be must-haves in their training (workout) gear. Others depend on them for virtually every kind of interaction they have with audiovisual media. This means that such people, together with those who use headphones for training purposes, travel with them. As such, the convenience of moving from one point to another with your headphones is a primary consideration. You do not want to have a pair of headphones that will weigh you down during a workout session.

The number of people that watch movies and stream music from mobile devices is growing each day. Headphones are great gadgets that enhance the experience of streaming music and watching movies on mobile phones. Some people accessorize with headphones. They consider them to be elements of style that should complement one’s appearance. For such people, design and appearance are important concerns.

Types of headphones

There are two main ways to categorize headphones. They include the type of connection and the design. As far as the type of connection is concerned, two types exist and they include wired and wireless headphones. The design category, on the other hand, has on-ear and in-ear headphones. The purpose of obtaining a pair of headphones will determine the type they choose.

By connection:

Wired headphones are the most conventional types we have on the market. Therefore, they tend to be slightly cheaper in terms of pricing than their wireless counterparts. They connect to the source through a cable and a 3.5’ jack. Despite being less convenient than a wireless headphone, wired headphones are actually pretty good for basic use. For starters, they do not accrue additional expenses. Secondly, wireless headphones result in relatively minimal power consumption on your smartphone.

Wireless headphones are expensive because they are built with additional technologies to eliminate the need for a cable. That is not the only reason though. Wireless headphones are actually much more convenient for all the interactions you may want to have with audiovisual media. They are convenient for workouts, music streaming, movie-watching and most importantly, moving around. They give you the freedom to move around without necessarily having to carry the source of audiovisual media. Unlike wired headphones, this type needs to a source of power such as a battery. At first, wireless headphones had AA and AAA batteries as the sources of power and they were not rechargeable. Recently, new developments have seen the entrance new wireless headphones with an inbuilt battery that is rechargeable.

Headphone users who value design get additional convenience with the wireless variant. This is another explanation for its slightly higher price tag than the wired headphone. The fact that modern wireless headphones come with an inbuilt high-capacity battery is an added advantage. It means you no longer have to worry about additional expenses of purchasing batteries every now and then.

By design:

In-ear and on-ear (or over-ear) headphones are the other types of headphones. Basically, their names describe the position of the speaker when one is using them. In-ear headphones are those that you have to insert into the ear canal whereas on-ear or over-ear headphones sit on or over the ear. The major difference between in-ear and on-ear headphones is the size. The latter are notably bigger than the former. Therefore, if you are looking at portability as the main concern, you probably should go with the in-ear headphones.

Quality Brands

Whereas there are many headphone brands on the market, there is no denying that they differ greatly from each other in their quality. Quality is the main differentiating factor in the headphones brands. There are three main quality propositions that headphone manufacturing companies focus on to produce the best products. These include portability, comfort, and noise rejection. These are the technical aspects that differentiate quality brands from the rest of the headphones on the market.

While the issue of portability is highly debatable, there is no denying that in-ear headphones are significantly smaller than their on-ear counterparts. For this reason, you’ll be satisfied with the choice of an in-ear headphone if portability is your main concern. However, their scores aren’t so high when it comes to comfort especially for the people with a hypersensitive ear canal. Quality brands on the market such as AKG, Bose, Sennheiser, Beats, and MEE Audio have pretty much harmonized these benchmarks. Therefore, you can get an AKG headphone that is comfortable regardless of whether it’s an in-ear or over-ear type. You can also find yourself a sizable MEE Audio over-ear headphone that is not too bulky for you. Most importantly, these quality brands of headphones are keen on technology advancements. This is evident in the way they always incorporate latest innovations in their products.

Wrapping things up

Your preference of a type of headphone is primarily based on your perception of comfort, portability and sound. Therefore, whether it is an over-ear, in-ear, wireless or wired, the bottom line is always the user’s perception. However, the quality of a headphone brand should be made to take primary precedence over the rest of the considerations.