M6 Pro review

MEE Audio is one of the quality brands in the headphones market. The company’s M6 Pro is one of the best in-ear headphones you can ever get your hands on. It features design concepts that cater to the needs of performing artists, athletes, and regular users. This M6 Pro review aims to highlight some specifics about the headphones that we think you should know. We do not want to simply persuade you into choosing the M6 Pro over other headphones. On the contrary, we intend to bring to you user reviews from actual users that have had the opportunity to try them hands-on.

m6 pro review


The M6 Pro is not just any other set of headsets. I can state with conviction that MEE Audio went out of its way to impress its customers a great deal. These headphones are made of transparent high-quality plastic to make them more durable. On top of that, they have detachable cable to add on to their comfort and security in the ear. They are designed with the needs of a performing musician in mind. This is evidence in the way the M6 Pro has universal-fit noise isolation in-ear monitors that are perfect whether you are on or off the performing stage. When it comes to the sound, the headphones simply don’t have a match. They feature studio-tuned sound with crystal clarity and deep bass so that you get the desired quality of sound from your music.

The headset cable features a mic, remote and volume control for use with smartphones and tablets. Moreover, the box contains a rich collection of accessories to enhance the user’s experience. For instance, they come with a protective carrying case, a spare cable and Comply foam eartips. As if that is not enough, the package includes a set of two shirt clips, six silicone eartips, and a quarter-inch gold-plated stereo adapter. The two cables that come with the M6 Pro headphones are not identical. While one has a mic and volume slider, the other one doesn’t, which makes it strictly for audiophiles. Both cables are well-built and have a heavy-duty L-shaped plug, rugged cable cinch, and a functional chin slider.


First things first. The headphones give off an amazing sound aided by the ultrathin 5µm driver diaphragm and aluminum voice coil. You will not miss anything from the top to bottom. Bass extends with good tone and midrange is slightly forward and clear. The treble sound, on the other hand, is present and crisp without being too harsh. You will realize that the sound extends well from the lowest registers of bass to the highest treble ranges. There’s barely a thing I can say I don’t like about these headphones. One M6 Pro review admits that the in-ear monitors are an all-in-one solution for gym, stage and street. For instance, the flexible over-the-ear memory wire is enough to guarantee security and comfort for all kinds of ears.

M6 Pro headphones

The durability of the headphones is quite impressive. According to several user reviews covering these headphones, it is clear that the M6 Pro is engineered for real-world durability. Gym enthusiasts will love them because they are sweat-resistant. Apart from being high-grade and durable, the cables are also replaceable. Also, they feature an internal braiding for strength and tangle resistance. The sound-isolating design of the M6 Pro is responsible for the blocking of external noise. This feature enables lower-volume listening which protects your hearing. As if that is not enough, these headphones come with complying memory foam eartips that help to further increase noise isolation in a bid to enhance your audio experience.

Pros and cons


  • Amazing sound quality: The headset features a new driver with ultrathin 5µm diaphragm and aluminum voice coil which is capable of more precise movement. Therefore, the monitors can deliver engaging, dynamic audio with deep yet well-balanced bass.
  • Comfortable to use: The M6 Pro headphones are designed for extended listening sessions. This is made possible by the fact that the headphones utilize 7 pairs of eartips and flexible memory wore.
  • Very Durable: They’re arguably one of the most durable headphones on the market. They come with a pair of cables designed to last for long given the internal braiding for strength and tangle resistance.
  • Complete Kit: The M6 Pro package comes with additional accessories to enhance your audio experience. For instance, there is an extra cable, shirt clips, eartips and a premium carrying case.
  • Multipurpose headphones: The headphones have an all-in-one functionality making them suitable for gym, stage and street use. The sweat-resistance feature makes these headphones suitable for use in the gym. The excellent noise isolation feature and the high dynamic range make them suitable for performing musicians.
  • The headphones are among the few in-ear designs that come with a detachable cable. This feature makes them secure and comfortable.
  • These headphones are designed to enable lower-volume listening which is a great feature that helps to protect your hearing.


There is hardly a thing that you can dislike about the M6 Pro headphones. However, a couple of user reviews had a few negatives and they include the following:

  • One M6 Pro review pointed out that the detachable cable would always come off from the earpiece
  • Another user found the plastic material to be substandard

Finishing up the M6 Pro review

In conclusion, multipurpose headphones are rear in the market. Especially those with high-flying specs. However, MEE Audio has been generous enough to offer the M6 Pro that works perfectly for all usage scenarios, whether it’s gym, stage or street use. So, if you are in the market for a stage monitor, or in-ear monitor that won’t break the bank and will compete with the big names, look no further! Get these and you WILL NOT be disappointed.

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