How to clean vinyl records?

How to clean vinyl records with Vinyl records cleaning tips

Cleaning vinyl records from time to time is very important to experience great sound for a longer period of time. To clean them, you need to know how to clean vinyl records properly and not end up causing damages to the albums. There is no specific method in which you can clean them. But there are a number of ways in which you can remove the dirt and get great sound.
Vinyl records cleaning tips
Here are some tips for cleaning vinyl records to guide you.
You can clean the records with a carbon fiber brush once you have played the record as this will keep the record in a good condition for a long time.
For high clarity and best sound quality, you must buy a professional vinyl record cleaning system.
No matter how much you clean it, it will not be as good as new. But it will definitely work better with proper maintenance for a much longer period of time. Using distilled or de-ionized water to clean vinyl records is also effective.
Remove dirt and debris on the surface before you start cleaning the vinyl record deeply.
The less the friction caused to the albums while cleaning, the better it is.
The best way to clean your vinyl records is to take a conservative way and not any fancy tricks or expensive solutions for this purpose as use of fancy ways for cleaning can cause damage to the records.
Handling your vinyl records
You need to ensure that your vinyl records are not very dirty as it will make it hard for you remove all of the dirt off the records and also cause a lot of friction. So keep them in proper condition and do not touch the sensitive parts and handle it with care. During handling, hold it in places where the record does not hold any information which will help to keep the record in a better condition.
Carbon Fiber Brush: Using a carbon fiber brush to clean the dirt and dust gathered on the surface of the records every time before and after you use them will help to keep away the accumulation of dust on them. Be gentle with the whole cleaning process and use the procedure only to brush off the loose particles on the records.
Cleaning of new records
When you purchase a brand new record, even then it needs to be cleaned. The new records usually come coated in a mild compound which must be cleaned off before you start using it as this will help you achieve the highest quality of sound from your vinyl records.
Damaged vinyl records
When a vinyl record gets damaged, there can be no way to retrieve it and achieve the good quality sound that you expected from it. But, usually, a light scratch will not cause any damage to the records although the sound quality you have achieved from the records will be degraded. However, you must try to test the scratch with your fingers and feel the change it has caused on its smooth surface. This will help you understand whether the record is actually damaged and can be repaired or not.
Turntables and cartridges
The condition of the turntable and cartridges will have an effect on the condition of the vinyl records as well. It is very important to keep the stylus clean to achieve high quality sound from the vinyl records as it the part of the cartridge whose work is to drag across the surface of the record and create the sound. The grooves can gather dust and small fibers if the stylus is not cleaned before playing the record.
Here is a simple procedure to help you with the cleaning of vinyl records at home itself.
Step 1: Remove the dust from the surface of the records with a carbon brush or a cloth which is used to clean glasses and screens. Gently clean the surface so that dirt is not pushed into the grooves causing any damage.
Step 2: To try this home-remedy for cleaning the records you need to prepare a solution with just soap and water. Use distilled warm water generally so that no impurities can settle down inside the grooves. Soap is important to help in breaking down the grease and rinse well after it is done.
Step 3: Wrap a cloth around your finger and pass it through the surface to clean the surface, gently. Rinse it with distilled water after using the soap solution.
Vinyl record vacuum cleaner
The best way to clean vinyl records is by vacuum cleaners specially designed for this purpose. It is an expensive method but cleans efficiently. But, it is best to buy it only when you have a huge collection of the vinyl records.

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