How to prevent microphone feedback?

Microphone feedback has the tendency to damage a soundtrack and will produce a bad sound which is painful for the ears. This generally happens when the signal from the microphone gets amplified and picked up again by the speaker which ...
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How to protect your vinyl records?

Vinyl records have been in huge demand since the 90s. It is considered one of the best media to record and play audio. If you are a music lover and you are obsessed with collecting great quality song albums, you ...
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How to clean vinyl records?

Cleaning vinyl records from time to time is very important to experience great sound for a longer period of time. To clean them, you need to know how to clean vinyl records properly and not end up causing damages to ...
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How to Keep Headphones from Tangling

Nothing is more frustrating than tangled headphones, and there are numerous ways to prevent this from happening. If you want to keep your headphones from constantly getting tangled up, it is highly recommended that you look into some of the ...
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how to connect turntable to computer

How to connect your turntable to a computer

Today’s world functions on computers and smartphones which is why everyone and everything should be in line with these rules. Of course, this includes instruments and units like the turntables too. Computers ease our lives in so many ways and ...
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how to replace turntable needle

How to replace your turntable’s needle

Regardless of how we call them, record players or turntables, after using them, we have to change and pay attention to certain parts of our units. This is of course, in order to make sure that we can use them ...
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how to connect turntable to speakers

How to connect your turntable to speakers

Many people out there are spending their money on vinyl. Turntables are making a huge comeback and more and more people are interested in this vintage product. Why shouldn't they be? I mean, it gives quality sound plus it gives ...
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