Behringer MS20 Review

Behringer MS20 Review

Whether you just need a new set of desktop speakers or you are planning on recording in a home studio, the Behringer MS20 is an excellent choice for many reasons. The more you learn about the features of this product, the more tempted you will be to buy it yourself. While it’s true that these monitors are not designed for professional use, there are still a lot of people who can get plenty of use out of them.
There is no question that these monitors are designed primarily for more casual use, and it’s pretty clear when you take a look at the average behringer ms20 review. These monitors have a fairly attractive exterior design in a classic black color that should look good in any room of your home. They are a bit on the chunky side, so you will need to set aside quite a bit of space for them. One of the best things about these speakers in terms of the design is that they are very easy to use, so you won’t have to worry about struggling to figure out how they work at all.
These speakers have a pretty heavy-duty design that should be able to stand the test of time, at least for a while. They are made from dense MDF wood as opposed to plastic, which is a very good thing. This material is perfect for the power and overall specs of these monitors, and it is very durable.
The plug-and-play design of these monitors makes them very simple and easy to use, so you don’t need to be an audiophile by any means. This manufacturer is known for their simplistic yet effective designs, and the MS20 is a perfect example of that. Just about every behringer ms20 review makes a point of talking about how simple and straight to the point this speaker’s design is.
It won’t take long for those who buy these speakers to figure out that they offer a myriad of great features, including 2-way active studio monitoring. There are two built-in 10-watt amplifiers in these speakers, which is certainly not very high up on the power spectrum. If you are looking for very powerful monitors, you will need to search elsewhere.
The high-resolution tweeters are definitely a nice feature that these monitors offer, and it means that they produce a fairly clear sound without a lot of additional vibration and noises. The dynamic range of these speakers can be credited to the high-res 24-bit 192 kHz D/A converters. There are also optical and coaxial inputs that will allow you to connect directly to digital audio sources through a S/PDIF interface.
The two stereo analog inputs feature ¼” TRS and stereo RCA connectors. The individual volume controls for line inputs, bass and treble EQ controls give you a lot of different options so you can achieve the exact type of sound you want. You simply will not find a lot of other monitors on the market that offer quite as much control as these for the same price.
There is also the 14” TRS headphone connector that offers auto-mute loudspeaker functionality which you can access quickly and easily on the front panel. These speakers are magnetically shielded so they can be put under computer monitors without any issues whatsoever.
The sheer selection of inputs is one of the very best things about these monitors. If you are looking for speakers that will let you adjust lots of different things to affect the overall sound, these are a good choice. Making these adjustments takes minimal effort and isn’t confusing at all.
The built-in mixer is probably one of the very best things about these monitors, and it is definitely worth learning about. The 1/8” stereo inputs are ideal for CD, MD, and MP3 players. There are also dual RCA jacks designed for tape decks, which you most likely won’t use. This means that you will be able to play along with pre-recorded tracks with no problems whatsoever. Those who enjoy playing along with high-quality mp3s will find that these speakers are fairly perfect.

Behringer MS20 studio monitors
Sound Quality
The sound quality that the MS20 monitors produce isn’t incredibly impressive, but it’s pretty clear and mostly devoid of distortion and other types of interference. The enhanced bass response from the front-ported cabinet definitely helps the overall sound of these monitors in a very noticeable way. You can use the built-in mixer to enhance the sound to a certain degree, but it is quite limited.
When you are listening to the sound that these monitors produce through headphone via the standard headphone jack on the front panel, the imperfections become a bit more noticeable. The 2-way design results in a clear but far from perfect sound that should be more than adequate for those who are into gaming and listening to music.
The stereo separation is definitely one of the best things about these monitors to say the least. This is one thing that separates the MS20 from a lot of the other speakers on the market in this price range. You will probably get the best overall sound when you set the treble to around 4 and the bass to 3.
The overall sound that these monitors produce is fairly detailed with adequate handling of the high and low frequencies. Keep in mind that if you are listening to lower-quality mp3s through these speakers, the imperfections you hear are not due to the monitors. This is one complaint that a lot of people have, but they simply don’t understand the root cause of the problem.
Who Should Buy the Behringer MS20 Monitors?
These monitors are designed for those who have more casual needs. If you want to record high-quality sound in a home studio, you should probably look for higher-end speakers. If you enjoy gaming and listening to music at home, however, these monitors are pretty perfect. They might be adequate for a small studio, but you will be taking your chances. These are ideal desktop speakers to place by your monitor, but they are quite large.
If you have a decent amount of spare room, you should consider getting these. A lot of the people who purchase these monitors are college students in dorms or those who have fairly small to medium-sized rooms that they listen to music or play games in. The larger the room you put these in is, the more you will notice their flaws.
Benefits of the Behringer MS20 Monitors
One of the best things that these monitors have going for them is the fact that they produce a clean and crisp sound. There is also the fact that they are incredibly easy to use, even for those who have never purchased a set of monitors before in their lives. You can quickly adjust the settings on the front face of the monitors to make any necessary adjustments.
Most other monitors don’t make adjusting sound quite so easy. The high-quality MDF wood construction of makes them incredibly durable and long lasting. The low price of these speakers is something that those who are trying to save money will definitely love. There are certainly cheaper speakers out there, but you get a lot for what you pay. If you are looking for the ultimate bang for your buck, this is a wonderful overall deal.

Behringer MS20 Monitors
Drawbacks of the Behringer MS20 Monitors
Capable of generating just 10 watts, these monitors could definitely be a bit more powerful. The overall sound quality could also use some improvement, but it’s not horrible. They are definitely not designed for a larger studio, so you will need to keep that in mind. The frequency range is a bit limited, but that is to be expected from the price. The fact that there is no active crossover is another big drawback that will matter to some more than others.
Customer Reviews
The average behringer ms20 review is overwhelmingly positive. Most people who have purchased these speakers have nothing but good things to say about them. This is definitely a good sign when you are looking for speakers that you can actually count on. A majority of the people who write positive reviews on these speakers comment on the crisp sound and how easy to use it is. A lot of people also seem to really like the easy access to controls on the front panel, which is not something you get with just any set of monitors.
The Behringer MS20 monitors are a cheap and easy-to-use pair of speakers that is appropriate for most casual use. The power is decent and the sound quality is impressive for the price. While it doesn’t handle bass great, it is still perfectly adequate for most people who are just looking for a decent set of desktop speakers. These speakers come from a fairly reputable company and are ideal for those who are on a tight budget. Overall, there are a lot of worse options available on the market.

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