Audeze LCD 2 Review

Audeze LCD 2 Review

If you are a true audiophile and demand only the best sound quality when listening to music, it’s important that you get the best possible pair of headphones. There are many options available, but not all of them will provide you with exactly what you need. The more time you invest in looking at your headphone options, the more likely you are to get a good quality pair.

The headphones you use to listen to music will ultimately determine what your music listening experience is like. Each pair of headphones is unique, and it’s crucial that you take a close look at the choices you have. This Audeze LCD 2 review will provide you with the details you need to make the right choice.

About the Manufacturer

Audeze is a company that is known for manufacturing high quality headphones, so you can trust that your money won’t go to waste when purchasing one of their products. The headphones from this company have a reputation for offering crystal clear audio with minimal interference. There are many different models to choose from. The manufacturer of your headphones matters a lot when it comes to overall quality, so it’s not something you want to overlook. The dynamic sound of these headphones is unlike anything else on the market today.


One of the truly unique things about the LCD 2 headphones is that they have a circumaural magnetic design. These headphones use the best quality neodymium magnets to achieve an incredible sound quality that overshadows most of the competition in a big way. The planar magnetic transducers that these headphones feature are made up of the diaphragm and planar.

The planar magnetic diaphragm weighs a lot less than a dome diaphragm, resulting in a lightweight overall design that you will be sure to appreciate. The diaphragm in these headphones is much lighter than most others, which results in a better sound quality and less of a weighty feel, so you can wear them for long periods of time without any issues.

The magnetic field from the rare earth magnets offers an incredibly strong magnet field in the driver housing, which is very important in terms of overall performance. This is a design feature that you simply will not find with most other headphones that are on the market right now.

Because the magnets that these headphones use are so strong, the diaphragm is moved with great force. This design is much more beneficial than the traditional electrostatic designs that we see with so many other headphones on the market.

The capsule housing of these headphones is made from wood, and it is available in bamboo and rosewood. This ultimately comes down to aesthetic preference, but it’s still something that you should consider.

The overall build of the LCD 2 headphones is very sturdy, and they don’t feel cheap at all. The wooden cups are very durable and look great. The joints that connect the cups to the frame are a bit weak, but they shouldn’t be a problem for those who use these headphones lightly.


When you order the LCD 2 headphones, you will get a convenient carrying case to keep them safe when you are travelling. You will also get an 8.2 foot, ¼” dual 4-pin mini XLR cable and a ¼” to 1/8” stereo adaptor. You have the option of getting faux suede ear pads that are made from a polyester microfiber material if leather ear pads do not appeal to you.


The three-dimensional sound of these headphones is quite striking when you listen to music with them for the first time. They offer rich and full instrumental timbers that really make a difference when it comes to overall sound quality, and it’s something you will be sure to notice on a consistent basis. Perhaps one of the biggest surprises that these headphones offer is the ability to produce some very strong bass. A lot of headphones have major issues with bass, but this is not a problem for these at all. We listen to a variety of music with these headphones, and they performed exceptionally well with songs that had strong bass.

The sheer speed and transparency of these headphones is incredibly impressive, and a great achievement to say the least. The dynamic sound of the LCD 2 headphones is not surprising considering the manufacturer, but it’s definitely still nice to see. Most of the headphones we test don’t hold up nearly well as these on all fronts.

Audeze LCD 2 Headphones

Benefits of Buying the Audeze LCD 2 Headphones

There are many different benefits that come with buying the LCD 2 headphones, including a lightweight design that makes it easy to wear them for hours on end without much discomfort if any. Even those who are particularly sensitive to wearing headphones for a long time shouldn’t have any problem with these at all.

Audeze is known for manufacturing headphones with unique ergonomic designs, which is what makes them so incredibly comfortable. If you are planning on wearing headphones for long periods of time, these are a good solution.

The sheer clarity of these headphones makes them one of the best choices on the market right now. You simply won’t find many other headphones that are capable of producing such a clear and dynamic sound as these. We found the difference between the LCD 2 headphones and more generic models striking in terms of sheer sound quality.

The high-quality craftsmanship of these headphones is something else to keep in mind. These headphones are extremely well-made with high-quality materials. If you are planning on buying a new pair of headphones, you definitely want to make sure that they are sturdy like these. You can count on the LCD 2 headphones to last for at least several years without falling apart like so many other models do.

The bass detail of these headphones is also very impressive, and much better than many other models. Bass is usually where headphones fall short, but this isn’t the case with these at all.

Drawbacks of Buying the Audeze LCD 2 Headphones

One of the few drawbacks that come with these headphones involves the planar magnetic drivers, which results in minor acoustic interference. You simply don’t have to deal with this issue when you use electrostatic speaker stators, though there are other problems that come with them. If you opt for the leather ear pads when buying these headphones, you should keep in mind that they can make your ears quite warm after a while. The polyester microfiber pads that you also have to choose from don’t have this sort of problem.

The headband adjuster can be a bit of a problem for those who have a bigger head, as it will most likely need to be maximised all the way. Some people might have a problem with the amount of padding that these headphones offer. If you are the kind of person who likes a lot of padding with your headphones, you might want to choose another model.

Customer Audeze LCD 2 Review

The customer reviews for the LCD 2 headphones are mostly positive. A lot of people rave about these headphones in terms of their ability to produce consistently clear and dynamic sound. There aren’t a lot of other headphones on the market that have as many good reviews as these. A lot of people who review these headphones also comment on how comfortable they are. Many customers claim that they can wear them for hours before feeling the need to take them off. The expert handling of the bass is yet another thing that gets mentioned in a lot of reviews for these headphones, and it’s not surprising at all.

Who Should Buy the Audeze LCD 2 Headphones?

The Audeze LCD 2 headphones are a great investment for many people, including those who are planning on recording in a studio environment. These headphones produce very clear sound and can accommodate the needs of just about any musician. They have an extraordinarily versatile design, making them perfect for professional use. Anyone who works with bass a lot can definitely benefit from these headphones.

They are comfortable enough to wear for a long time, which is why they are so popular with recording artists. There are a lot of studio headphones on the market, but these are particularly special for a number of reasons. Whether you just want these headphones for listening to music or recording in a studio, they are a good option.


While it’s true that there are many choices to look over when it comes to headphones, the Audeze LCD 2 headphones have a lot of benefits to offer that you will need to keep in mind. They are very sturdy and well-built, making them perfect for the average person. You will definitely get your money’s worth with these headphones, and they offer an incredible deal for those who are on a budget. Although they could have more padding, they still have a very comfortable ergonomic design. Overall, the LCD 2 headphones are a great investment to consider making when you need new headphones.

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